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's comforting. >> its nice to know everyone is behind us. everyone in all of california. it's a good feeling, you know? >> reporter: and we're back here live. again, you are looking at some of the destruction, once again, nearly 150,000 acres have burned so far. but there is an awful lot of help out here. now, there are about 3700 firefighters out here battling with more crews still arriving. one resident told me it seems like there's a fire truck for every house and residents here are truly, truly grateful. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. longtime campers mourn if loss of the family camp. the state fire officials i were formed the officials that the camp had been destroyed. the camp has operated outside of yosemite since 1922. it's an escape for many bay area families who spend their time fishing, sitting around the camp fires and playing bingo. many long-time campers news of the fire marked a huge loss. >> the last news we heard was the camp was saved and put a big row of fire retardant so it was really sad this morning to find out it was gone. >>
the beginning of the challenges they face. >> rugged terrain, heat, very, very dry fields. our people tell us they have never seen fuel this dry. >> reporter: the fire has scorched 293 square miles. crews are using dozers to clear out brush and trees fuelling the flames and to cut containment lines. more than 4,000 firefighters have joined the effort including dozens from the bay area. >> we have a strike team here with me that consists of personnel and fire apparatus from all over santa clara county. >> reporter: including palo alto. firefighters are concerned about these clouds called convection column that can spew hot debris from the fire miles ahead of the containment lines. the fire is 23% contained but still threatening more than 4,000 homes and crews know they have a tough and long battle ahead. they don't expect to fully contain the fire until september 10. this is a self-contained base camp for the more than 4,000 firefighters out here fighting the rim fire. the day crew is coming in for dinner. the night crew is about to head out. this is a 24-hour firefighting effort. we know that
home at the end of the day. scott budman >qájju us from the home at the ÷ d of the day. transportation tips for us. >> jessica, there a" several alternatives fort( commuters wh need to get to and from work, ti find them you need to reach no further than your smartphone. alternatives like side car say they expect a huge jump in business on monday xdw3Ñiokcmor. side car and fellow san share company uber got big boosts last time. they expect the phonmsvÑi to ri again. >> we've been able to takeçóc t power of the smartphone and social mediafá and build that trust. our riders tell us allt(çó the that theyt( feel safer in a rid they found through side car than taxi. >> another way to go isçó karma which matches people to carpool that isx w3t(ok app and phoneç#u d:iuz you.to find a driver close svyt of the customers who tried them out stayed, so the strike was good for some localnb businesses. uch. 9-uv >>> now, if that strike does take place, nbc bay area news ir we have workarounds to help you on monday our b.a.r.t. strike coverage continues atok 4:00 a.,
guard. how does it work? why was it so loud and can we opt out. kris sanchez joins us from san jose. this was the first time i received a text alert from the chp. >> in fact, that text did not come from the chp. it came from ctia, the wireless trade organization that manages the wireless emergency alerts. it's very confusing right now. you're not the only one who has questions about it. we found a lot of folks didn't know this was a possibility until the phones started blowing up around 11:00 last night. >> my phone went off last night. yeah, it caught me by surprise. >> even chp officer chris was caught off guard by the loud buzzing alarm coming from his cell phone when the san diego sheriff's department requested its amber alert for two abducted children. through the wr wireless emergency alerts program, amber alerts are now sent to all cell phones whether you sign up for the alerts or not. >> it worked. it we should have done that from the beginning when phones were in the system. >> on social media some folks were put off asking the ctia how to opt out. others asking that the al
day without a deal. cheryl herd joins us with the latest on the march. not a lot of progress made today it seems. >> reporter: not a lot today because negotiations ended earlier. hundreds are expected to show up here at the plaza tonight. it's 14th and broadway. that's the location many protests have taken place in the past. as you can see, union members are setting up for the labor rally in support of b.a.r.t. workers. a strike could happen at midnight on sunday. both sides were at the table earlier today, but negotiations ended early, so union members could attend. labor unions and community organizations from all over northern california are expected to be here. even members of the occupy movement said they will be here tonight in support of b.a.r.t. workers. that's why oakland police are concerned, unlike last time when things got out of hand during a march in oakland. police say this time they -- >> trayvon martin protesters plan to meet with the already organized union who plans to do their own rally and have their own messaging that they want to send. so we have received in
to the area. coke's sister said coke's teenage daughter used the find my iphone app sunday night. >> like a good technologically savvy teenager, she saw her mom's phone zigzagging all over the north bay area. we know it came to rest in richmond. it seemed to be all over in oakland and vacaville and different neighborhoods. >> reporter: a police source says surveillance cameras captured the car crossing a bridge. another camera showed coke's former boyfriend, parolee randy alano, gassing up her car and using her atm card. alana, who has been arrested on a parole violation and named a personal of interest in the case, was found with coke's fees and her credit card. he also had on muddy boots. >> this is an ongoing investigation. it's evolving and evolving quickly now. things have happened. a body has been located. >> reporter: the body has not yet been removed from the scene, and when it is, we are told it will be taken to the county coroner's office to be identified. so far we haven't heard anything from coke's family. but a co-worker tells me as awful as this discovery is, perhaps it will
is joining us in berkeley. what's the clock here? six days until the next possible strike. instead of getting better seems to be getting worse. >> reporter: it's not that easy, raj. this three-member panel has a lot of work to do. they would love for this labor dispute to come to a real end. that was the overwhelming reaction from bart riders today at the ashley station in berkeley. you know, that's temporary. that means the problem is not solved. >> governor brown wants an end to the labor dispute. he issued a letter saying in part, for the sake of the people of the bay area, i nurj the strongest of terms possible the parties to be quickly. >> the governor was explicit. he wants to see the parties at the negotiating table over the next week trying to resolve this amongst themselves. this is a uc berkeley professor who specializes in labor disputes around the world. he said the three-member board of inquiry appointed by the governor, whose job is to figure out why negotiations has been stalled has a lot of work to do in only seven days. >> what happened in the negotiations to date. why a stri
reach an agreement this weekend he will use his executive powers to keep bart trains running, at least until october. he will ask san francisco's superior court to call an emergency session tomorrow morning and consider granting a 60 day cooling off period. all eyes continue to be on the two sides to see if they can strike a deal on their ownby tomorrow. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> it could be a tragic end in the search for a missing oakland woman. family and friends of sandra coke are now awaiting word from the coroner. searchers found a woman's body in vac vaville yesterday afternoon. alameda county corinne area's office says there won't be an identification until early next week. police have identified a person of interest in the case. randy elena is coke's ex-boyfriend from 20 years ago, he's also a high risk sex offender. he was arrested tuesday on parole violation. coke has worked for the department for four years. >>> 15-year-old audrey pott was allegedly assaulted by three boys during a party last september after she passed out. she committed suicide
suspect used a blunt object to attack the teenage boy who was trying to help the girl. the teen was taken to the hospital. cops aren't sure if the gunman is a student or not. >>> the fbi and campbell police are trying to track down robbers who pulled off a heist at this bank this afternoon. both described as white or hispanic. investigators say they came into the bank about 12:45 this afternoon. a third man drove the get away vehicle, a red gmc sierra. police say the truck was stolen yesterday and dumped about a mile from the bank. police believe the robbers are in a green tahoe. >>> cisco shares fell today after the silicon valley tech giant announced a big round of lof layoffs. cisco says it will cut five percent of its workforce. ceo john chambers called the global economy challenging. the company won't say exactly where the cuts are being made. cisco currently has 17,000 employees here in the bay area. >>> another followup in the developing story we brought you last night. that victim in the deadly accident has been identified. her name, 49-year-old gonzalez. officials are trying to d
of the unstable air up near redding, and chico with away from us. but with it moving inland as we head throughout the next 36 hours, we'll keep that possibility of thunderstorms in the mix. right now, there are no strikes on the doppler radar at the current moment. with that active weather pattern staying in place we still vts red flag fire warning mainly for northern county where the dry lightning will have the highest impact potentially tonight and tomorrow with winds at 15 to 25 miles an hour. remember, it just takes one lightning strike like this, like we had last night to possibly set off a massive fire. we're going to be tracking more of the timing on the coming up many the full forecast. you guys? >> u thank you very much. >>> a wildfire raging on the outskirts of yosemite has forced crews to smut down a main road. highway 120 closed in both directions blocking traffic in on out of yosemite on the westside but the park is opened. the us forest service says the fire grew to some 15 square miles and 2500 structures are threatened. the fire broke out on saturday. so far fliems
the science building. kris sanchez joins us live with what we know about this attack. >> reporter: the suspect is still at large tonight and the description is not very specific except that the assailant is not believed to be a student nor is the victim. because it happened on campus many students here are feeling rather uneasy. just before 10:00 last night san jose state senior got a text from campus police detailing the fight between two young men that escalated and ended when thev$ suspect stopped slamming the 22-year-old victim's head on to the sidewalk. >> it is not that late that something like that is taking place it is pretty scary. >> reporter: last night's assault is one of 21 assaults reported on campus so far this year. >> right now on campus even assaults are down. last year we had 28 at this time. this year we have 21. >> reporter: in the 21 only seven of the victims were students. san jose police captain says his department is proactive making arrests as quickly as possible. so far this year 300 people were taken into custody from assault to dui to drug offenses and says his dep
at least 30,000 feet up sent to us by my facebook viewer, steve ziegler. you see cloud tops there. very reminiscent of a thunderstorm. looking at this, by all indications what i'm seeing is the fact that this fire is creating its own storm. up and down drafts. hot and predictable winds for the firefighters and that's a huge factor on why we saw this fire more than double throughout past 24 hours senting embers, ashes and all kinds of particulate party miles away. our own bay area weather and improving conditions in the seven-day forecast coming up later on, you guys? >> 'jeff, thank you very much. the coverage of the rim fire son our website. you'll find a rhee video of the fire. go to our website, nbcbayarea.com. you can't miss it. it's our top story today. >>> new at 5:00 tonight, an all-out search in santa clara county. federal agents and federal version are looking for registered sex defenders. these are people that slipped through the cracks and usually officers are unable to find them? >> reporter: investors spend the day scouring this camp. they want to make sure that sex offende
. it is randy alana, behind bars. sources tell us that alana had a relationship with coke more than 20 years ago. we understand he recently came back into town, and she was trying to help him turn his life around. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. >>> we're also following developing news out of san jose tonight. police have arrested a man for a shooting saturday that left a san jose state university student dead. investigators say an officer arrested 23-year-old johnny lozano for violating his parole by carrying a loaded weapon. after officer checked the description of the shooter in saturday's murder this, man was charged for that killing. 19-year-old nursing student kimberly chico was shot to death while in the passenger seat of a car in downtown san jose early saturday morning. she was planning to return to classes later this month. her killing marks san jose's 30th homicide of the year. >>> it's been a tense day in the quiet suburbs of sunnyvale. a neighborhood was shut down because of a swat team standoff. this happened on cochella avenue ne
today? >> it was -- there were people standing but not bad, i don't think. >> my father was driving us back over the bridge and i saw the signs it was going to be closed and i thought, i guess bart. >> reporter: others have the same idea. >> this morning through 10:00 a.m., more than 30,000 extra riders. so that is a big jump. >> reporter: spokesman jim said bart was prepared with volunteers volunteering for overtime, running longer trains. >> no delays so far. >> and yesterday, kind of a surprise. >> yesterday was a bit of a surprise, our tenth busiest day ever in the 40-year history of bart and the bridge wasn't even closed. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge saw an increase of traffic, 35% more compared to last thursday. the golden gate ferry got a boost up nearly 20%. >> it hasn't been a big deal. we're used to living in the bay area with strikes and construction and everything else. >> reporter: for this oakland native, now living on the east coast -- >> bittersweet to say good-bye it, having been born and raised here. i'm excited for the new bridge and we'll be back to see it. >
us. some may have had to change plans because of the rim fire. the rim fire is 32% contained now but yosemite, which has stayed open, closed two camp grounds. they said crews will start sampling and testing water from the hetch hetchy reservoir today. that's the city's water supply. there is no longer concern about ash threatening the quality of the water. all drinking water is drawn from a depth of 260 feet. the rim fire is the fifth largest wild fire in california's history. the fire is impacting people who are not vacationing there. we'll have a look at the air quality concerns. >> dave, better containment of that fire. we have a little bit of better news to report on the air quality. it is still close to unhealthy levels. that smoke 20 to 30,000 feet up in the atmosphere is getting caught up in that upper level flow. it is still traveling across reno and tahoe. instead of unhealthy levels, we are in the moderate category. it looks like it will stay that way for the next two days. here is the other hitch in the forecast. unfortunately i said thunderstorms are possible sunday a
for the federal highway administration to vet this idea of using what are called shims but essentially steel plates to reinforce some seismic elements under the bridge while the bolts are being fixed. and on friday they sent a letter back saying that they endorse that idea. >> reporter: so all that is a mouthful, but the bottom line is that those who drive across this bridge will have to wait until thursday to find out if the committee will decide to open the new span of this bridge. but with all of this comes critics. there are people out there who believe that this new span should not open, not until the whole project is completed. we'll hear more about that coming up at 6:00. reporting live from treasure island, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. >>> a veteran detective with east pal low alto police says it's the first time he's ever had a suspect in police custody voluntarily confess to a killing. the victim a woman was found stabbed this morning in an apartment complex on nfrom newell. the family gathered to get more details about what led up to her murder. last n
us where that is or when they will search that area. they also said they have people they still want to talk to. they remain confident that the case is in fact moving forward and they say they will find out what happened to baby daphne webb. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the update. >>> thousands of people gathered in the nation's capital to mark the 50th anniversary of martin duther king junior's march and his famous i have a dream speech. >> just as i have a dream, my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream. >> an audience of more than 200,000 people witnessed that landmark speech on the national mall in august 28, 1963. three days before dr. king made an important appearance on nbc's "meet the press" press. and terry mcsweeney spoke with the moderator, david gregory, about that historic day. >> an important anniversary marking the moment in the civil rights movement. it's nearly 50 years since martin luther king jr.'s march on washington,
bus back to stre jury island. >> what can you do? they're rebuilding the bridge and it benefits us all the time. >> reporter: caltrans is issuing passes to people who work or live on treasure island. the bridge is shutting down at 8:00 on wednesday night and b.a.r.t. is scheduled to immediately begin 24-hour service. b.a.r.t.'s spokesman says there's still some overnight shifts not covered by train operators on the schedule but he's confident they will be filled. >> so far with the response has been very solid on the part of our employees. >> san francisco bay ferries will increase the fleet by three boats and expects to see ridership jump 15%. as for the possibility the bridge could re-open earlier than planned at this point it doesn't appear likely. >> the bridge will open when it's ready and right now the schedule shows 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. >> that was monty francis reporting. we have a full guide bob how to get around. it's on our website nbcbayarea.com. it includes alternative routes. you can also sign up for alerts about the bridge's reopening. >>> back to our fire in fairfield.
bay area's jodi hernandez was in the martinez courtroom today. she joins us with the latest. jodi? >> reporter: jessica, the judge called this case beyond shocking. she acknowledged that the two defendants have been nothing but courteous and polite as this case has gone through the court process but says she cannot ignore what they did, saying the victim deserves justice. >> it is hard to reconcile that these two young men could engage in that kind of behavior. >> reporter: and judge barbara zuniga didn't go easy at all on the men convicted of the 2009 gang rape of a 16-year-old richmond high school girl. the defendants showed no emotion as the judge sentenced 20-year-old marcelles peter to 29 years to life and jose montano to the maximum sentence, 33 years to life in prison. >> the conduct that the two of you engaged in along with the other young men that were in that group, you dehumanized her. she stopped being a human being to you. she became a thing for you to torture and play with. >> reporter: before sentencing the judge heard a statement written by the victim, who says she
is a crazy place without b.a.r.t. >> reporter: many of them use b.a.r.t. to get to those games. the a's have another home game tomorrow but the giants have a seven-game home stand that starts on monday. another thing to consider. another thing to consider is when b.a.r.t. workers went on strike last month it was during the july 4th holiday where many commuters were concerned if a strike happens again, this time it could be even worse. as you mentioned, about 400,000 riders take b.a.r.t. daily. live in oak larngsd kland, kimberly tere. >> kimberly, thanks very much. >>> the configuration will involve bussing and parking. it will reduce the number of permit parking spaces available. that will be partially offset by on-street parking on civic center drive. >> if there is a strike, we'll have full team coverage on monday. we'll help you avoid traffic tie-ups. you can expect traffic on air, onli online. >> more than 200 people were arrested at a trespassing as a huge protell to mark the 100th anniversary of the chevron refinery fire. the march ended in front of the gate where police kept them fro
needed special handling because it is the u.s. mail. >> all the mail is being loaded, off the freeway and transloaded. everybody is going to get their mail. there's going to be no issues with identity theft. all the mail was contained within the crash. >> a postal inspector had to be called onto the scene. and every piece of mail had to be returned to a mailing center in san jose to be reprocessed. >>> parole was revoked today for a man considered a person of interest in the del of federal investigator sandra coke. police believe randy ilano was with coke on the night she died. the body of the 52-year-old woman was found last friday in a vacaville park. no challenges have been filed against ilano right now he's being held on a parole violation. he has previous convictions for robbery, kidnapping, manslaughter and rape. >>> new revelations about privacy violations by the national security agency. documents leaked by edward snowden and published by the "washington post" claim the nsa has broken privacy rules and overstepped its legal authority thousands of times since 2008. the "washing
. orville ricky brown spoke with us in vallejo today with his brother and father by his side. brown again said he did everything he could to get the women out of the burning limo. last month you might recall his estranged wife claims they were arguing before the disaster. he said dealing with that allegation was stressful. >> i was there, okay. i knew i wasn't on the phone. it's painful when you have to re-occur. did i call her five minutes before or ten minutes before. it was a long time ago. a lot of things have occurred. >> since the accident in may he has been getting therapy and volunteering with with nonprofits and says he could face civil suits but will do fundraisers to raise money for the victims' family. >>> police are asking for the public's help in finding a man that hit and killed a man in the south bay. nbc bay area's marianne favro is near the scene. police are investigating a second hit-and-run in the same area. >> reporter: they are trying to determine if the two cases are linked. carlton ford was killed here on allen rock avenue on saturday night and now chp needs your h
and rehabilitation before incarceration. >> we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, deter and rehabilitate, but not merely to warehouse and to forget. >> reporter: that philosophy is something george dascone said he's been working on for a while now. >> a lot of the things he was talking about are things that have been going on in san francisco for the last few years. so i'm pleased to see that. but again, it's going to be a matter to see what it looks like. >> reporter: a lot of people agree with holder. but he does have his critics. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, cheryl. >>> will today's announcement hurt or help the population problem. sam brock will answer that question in the "reality check" coming up at 6:00. >>> governor brown is appealing to the u.s. supreme court asking it to halt the release of prison inmates here in california. in 2011, the court upheld a lower court decision requiring the state to reduce the inmate population. the governor said the judges did not take into account
's hard. really hard. but there's so many good people it took to help us and offer that you are -- open their homes. i've got some portland to palm desert people saying, come. >> reporter: more than 2,000 firefighters are battling the blaze, with more showing up all the time. this strike team from san francisco got the call to join the fight this morning. >> we're going up there as a resource to the state from the city of san francisco. we'll give any assistance in any manner to help to control or contain this fire. >> reporter: we're back here live where you can see the plume of smoke signaling where that fire is burning out of control tonight. we have been told the fire has made its way to the outer edges of yosemite park but the firefighters are doing all they can to keep it from making any progress there. if we can pan out you can see what the fire did when it pads through this hillside. this hillside is just char and blackened. the fire continues to burn out of control. 16 structures have burned and four of them houses. people out here are on pins and needles, very nervous as firef
. limit time outdoors at dawn and dusk and defend yourself by using bug repellent and covering your legs and arms. so far this year in california 18 people have been diagnosed with west nile virus and two of those people died. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the tips. >>> there is no west nile fogging scheduled as a result of today's news. vector control said they need to find mosquitos that test positive for the disease before it sprays and human cases aren't always a good indicator because the disease can sit in your system for up to six weeks before you get sick. >>> a follow up now to a story. a gentleman's club will open as planned tomorrow in the south bay. the san jose city council met today to discuss the grand opening of the gold club. the council agreed it will meet in the future to discuss whether or not it will consider tight rules and regulations for the business. the gold club is set to open a few blocks from city hall and described as a bikini bar meaning no nudity and no topless dancing. >>> friends and family of a missing oakl
all they needed was their life and their health. others kind of shell shocked by the whole thing. u.s. forest service says the resources are stretched thin but the priorities are very clear. >> this fire has a mind of its own. it has been jumping and spotting and right now our main concern is just the public safety and protecting all the resources here. so we just want to try our best to get this containment underway as best we can. >> reporter: again, the u.s. forest service is heading up this fire fight. they are getting assistance from cal fire and the california national guard. 22 firefighters are here for the fire, as well. we can say that the firefighters say it is very active fire behavior. today it is very dry. it is very hot and that is going to complicate things. jeff ranieri will talk about the red flag warning that will make things more difficult and a little more dangerous. the fire started on saturday. unknown cause. the containment is now at five percent. access to the fire for firefighters is still a very large concern. some of the folks who live here are very well awa
to provide work permits for 11.5 people in the u.s. here. no pathway to citizenship. that is at odds with the bipartisan bill passed by the senate and with the president who says any reform bill must include a pathway to citizenship. live, nbc bay area news. >>> same-sex couple at the pride celebration this week can do something they have never been able to do before, get married there. this year, they offered on sight marriage ceremonies. organizers renamed it matrimonial grove for the weekend. couples needed to get their licenses ahead of time and schedule the wedding ahead of time. it continues tomorrow in downtown san jose. >> hannah anderson's father spoke out today about his daughter and their future. they attended a car wash fund-raiser. it was organized to help cover funeral expenses for her mother and brother. a neighbor organized the event. hannah's father thanked the public for their support. >> it's wonderful that they are out here helping her and everything. right now, she just wanted to come out and thank these people personally. >> is it difficult? >> it's very difficu
at the table. not meet us for 15 minutes and then walk out. >> it's disappointing that we don't have an agreement. the idea of being here is to get an agreement. that's still what we want to do. so that's what we're trying to do. >> san francisco mayor ed lee released a statement today regarding governor brown's actions saying in part, i applaud governor brown for taking the steps necessary so that bay area residents will not endure another unbearable b.a.r.t. strike including a court-approved 60-day cooling off period. as both sides continue to work together to reach a settlement, our bay area riders are and absolutely will remain our number one priority. >>> we're learning a bit more tonight about how federal agents found and rescued 16-year-old hannah anderson in the rugged woods of the idaho back country. a mission that ended when fbi agents shot and killed james lee dimaggio, the man who allegedly kidnapped her after murdering her mother and brother. >> reporter: federal agents spotted two people setting up camp in the thick idaho woods yet. >> they had a very good idea from eve
herd is rival with more for us. >> reporter: police say they really need your help on this because they have very little to go on. they're looking for a ford pick up, and they say it's in connection with a fatal crash. it happened at 8:45 last night. one person told her neighbor she heard something, and the next thing she knew there was a man dead on the ground. >> she said she didn't hear a screech or anything. she just heard a loud thump. >> it is described as a late model full size ford pickup truck with oversized tires. it could have a red stripe down the hood. investigators say there may be damage to the right or left head lamp. we will have more coming up at 6:00. >> sheryl, thank you. in the north bay, police are searching for the driver of a pickup truck that dlamed into a home early this morning. the truck ended up in the living room. they helped an elderly woman to safety who was in a back room. >> the lady living in the house was unhurt, and the rear of the house listening to music at the time of the crash. >> police are still searching for the driver of the truck. >> a
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